5 Easy Steps to 'Make America Marc Again'

Courtesy of Instagram/marcjacobs

Yep, the designer has one of those hats too.

The bright red "Make America Great Again" caps have been parodied countless times since Donald Trump debuted them on the 2016 campaign trail, but the trope (and the Trump slogan) live on. 

While some businesses and designers have adopted their own versions of the catchy phrase (New York's Strand Book Store was responsible for "Make America Read Again," while Public School fashion designers Dao Yi Chao and Maxwell Osborne wanted to "Make America New York Again"), Marc Jacobs — though a little late to the game — has adopted his own slogan: "Make America Marc Again." The limited-edition hats, which Jacobs himself debuted at SXSW, are now available at Marc Jacobs boutiques and online for $65. 

"A mantra to get you motivated," reads the online product description. "For anyone seeking for a slogan to lift their spirits, look no further."

In contrast to the more self-explanatory adaptations like "Make America Skate Again," or "Make Metallica Great Again," we're left wondering, how exactly does one become Marc — now or again? Lucky for us, the designer is an active Instagrammer and has no problem sharing his antics with his fans (remember the great naked photo scandal of 2015?). We scanned his feed for tips on how exactly to be more like Marc. 

1. Always take dramatic selfies. No matter where you are.


In the car and off to the theatre selfie. #whattodointraffic #onbroadway

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2. Dress in drag, adopt the name Helen.


PAINTED by FAME. #callmeHelen #auntiefame #bts #FameFriday #Fame-ily #Season10anyone?? @missfamenyc

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3. Chill with your awesome dog, Neville Jacobs. Get him a book deal and an Instagram account with 200k followers.


Family time! @nevillejacobs @lovethatlady

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4. Looking for an outfit to wear on you private plane? Opt for hot pink fur. 


And away we go...again! #sxsw2017 (I'm speaking tomorrow at 11am, come out and hear me)!!

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5. Always play with glitter, make sexual innuendos if possible.


Golden shower courtesy of @patmcgrathreal @idevoted HAPPY NEW YEAR! #throwsomeglitteronit #shinyismyfavoritecolor

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