Marc Maron Lands President Obama for 'WTF' Podcast Interview

Marc Maron H 2015
Anthony Behar/Sipa USA/AP

Marc Maron H 2015

Said the comedian-host: "Oh, my God, I hope my bathroom’s clean."

President Barack Obama is heading to Marc Maron's garage.

The comedian announced during his latest WTF With Marc Maron podcast that the president will be visiting his Los Angeles home on Friday to be interviewed on the next episode — "if everything goes as planned."

The special commercial-free conversation will be posted online on Monday.

"Why would I freak out about the president coming to my house? Oh, my God, I hope my bathroom’s clean. I should probably clean the house a little," said Maron. "We let the neighbors know. My producer, Brendan [McDonald], has been at the house dealing with Secret Service. My street is going to be incredibly safe for the next few days."

Obama's chat with Maron is part of the president's packed schedule while in L.A. later this week for a visit, which also will include fundraisers hosted by Tyler Perry and Chuck Lorre.

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