Marc Maron Talks #MeToo: "At Some Point, There Has to Be a Conversation"

The 'GLOW' actor spoke to the public takedown of his friend Louis C.K. saying, "It came down hard, and it came down fast, and it was terrifying."

"I've never been around that many women in my life, especially every day," Maron told The Hollywood Reporter of his role on Netflix's GLOW, a comedy created by, run by and led by women. "I'm not just the only man, I'm a sexist dick," Maron said, referring to his character.

"Working with so many women, and the fact that they're learning how to wrestle, and they're doing this thing that's very theatrical," Maron told the Comedy Actor Roundtable, "there was definitely a lot of empathy and a lot of pride that I felt. I was very moved by the camaraderie."

"Oddly, as they're all dressed in leotards, and they're all wearing these outfits, and this hair, it's not a sexualized set because of the nature of how it's run, and what the script is, and what we're all working toward," Maron told the Roundtable. "I just think that is sort of magical."

Maron also spoke about the #MeToo movement, touching upon his friend Louis C.K.'s takedown after a New York Times article revealed multiple sexual assault allegations against C.K.

"At some point, there has to be a conversation," Maron said. "There has to be some sort of leveling off that we can communicate, so not everybody, men in particular, are running around terrified of their past or of how to behave. I don't think that's going to be helpful to anyone." Maron noted previously that he confronted C.K. years ago about the claims and was lied to.

"It was just decided," Maron said of Louis's fate. "It came down hard, and it came down fast, and it was terrifying," Maron said. 

"Obviously we're all going to behave a little better," Maron told THR. "We're not fucking stupid."

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