Marchesa's Designers Dish On Golden Globes 2012 Fashion

Kate Hudson Golden Globes White Marchesa Gown - P 2012
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Kate Hudson Golden Globes White Marchesa Gown - P 2012

Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig have created some very memorable Golden Globes dresses. So we consulted the designers on the subject of "What IS a Golden Globe dress?"

No one knows more about Golden Globe dresses than the female team behind Marchesa. Countless A listers have worn their creative cocktail dresses and their gorgeous one of a kind gowns to the Globes; the most memorable being Kate Hudson in 2010 in a white corseted gown with an almost breastplate-like stiff front. It was certainly a traffic stopper, with many voting Hudson best dressed at the Globes - and some not getting the dress at all. Certainly, all the real fashion people got it! And they still haven't forgotten it!

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So this is how Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman (also the wife of producer Harvey Weinstein) envision Golden Globe looks:

"The Golden Globes is the first big red carpet of the year and the stars really want to start off on the right foot, " they told THR. "Given that it is a sit down dinner, the environment tends to be a bit more relaxed in style compared to the Oscars, meaning stars are given the opportunity to be conservative or daring. Whether it be a gown or cocktail dress, they can really opt for a definitive and unique statement look."

Let's see how true this is Sunday night, and we can't wait to see what the duo whips up this year!