Marcia Clark on Watching FX's OJ Simpson Series: "Very Painful … How Good It Is"

Courtesy of YouTube/The View
Marcia Clark on Wednesday's 'The View'

The prosecutor who's played by Sarah Paulson in the first season of Ryan Murphy's 'American Crime Story' repeatedly called the show, which she's seen a few episodes of, "amazing" and Paulson's performance "phenomenal."

Count Marcia Clark among the fans of FX's much-buzzed-about limited series, The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story.

The prosecutor in Simpson's murder case appeared on ABC's The View on Wednesday, a little more than 12 hours after the first episode of Ryan Murphy's highly anticipated take on the landmark trial premiered on the East Coast, and shared her thoughts about the series, with co-host Joy Behar revealing that Clark had seen some of the episodes.

"I think it's amazing, really amazing," Clark, who's played by Sarah Paulson, gushed. "I can't watch it the way most people do. For me, it's reliving a nightmare. It's just awful. Every bit of it is awful and painful for me. So it's a very painful experience and yet I have to tell you that's a measure of how good it is. That it hurts that much."

She went on to praise Murphy for having "the vision and the guts to pull out the important issues" like race and sexism.

"They really nailed the racial issue in the biggest way possible and good. I mean people will talk and that's a good thing," Clark said. "And sexism. No one wanted to talk [about that]. [It was like] the S word never happened."

Although it's not touched on in the first episode, the anti-feminist attacks on Clark's appearance are a key theme in the show.

Clark was extremely complimentary of Paulson's performance, saying that she was a fan of the actress long before Paulson was set to play her in American Crime Story and that when she heard Paulson was playing her she thought, "you can't hope for better."

"She's phenomenal," Clark said of Paulson. "She's always been. ... What a beautiful, nuanced, subtle performance ... Really, if nothing else, watch for her performance because she's terrific."

As the season was wrapping up, Paulson met Clark for dinner, writing her a note before that.

"I just said, 'I want you to know how much I revere your mind and the sacrifices you made for your family,' " the actress told The Hollywood Reporter. "The amount of scrutiny that Marcia had to endure based on her physical appearance was horrifying, and I told her I thought she handled it with such grace."

Paulson and Clark have remained in touch but as of December hadn't talked about whether Clark would watch the show.