Former 'Marco Polo' Producer Hits Harvey Weinstein, TWC With $10M Sexual Harassment Suit

Harvey Weinstein - Getty - H 2017
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The suit, filed on Wednesday, cites "sexual harassment," "battery" and "assault," among other violations by the disgraced former mogul.

Harvey Weinstein and his former production company, The Weinstein Co., have been hit with an sexual harassment suit worth $10 million by Alexandra Canosa, a former associate producer on the Netflix show Marco Polo.

The suit, filed on Wednesday in New York Supreme Court, cites "sexual harassment," "battery" and "assault," among other violations by the disgraced former mogul. 

"The foregoing events and actions of Harvey Weinstein took place in conjunction with Plaintiff's employment, in various capacities, for Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Company. Over the course of his misconduct, up to September 2017, Harvey Weinstein threatened Plaintiff and made it clear that if she did not succumb to his demands or if she exposed his unwanted conduct there would be retaliation, including humiliation, the loss of her job and any ability to work in the entertainment business," the suit reads.

It goes on to further address TWC's complacency with Weinstein's actions: "The Weinstein Company and the members of its Board of Directors, knew or should have known about Harvey Weinstein's conduct, and did not act to correct or curtail such activity. Instead, The Weinstein Company facilitated, hid, and supported his unlawful conduct. Harvey Weinstein acted as an executive, agent, management employee and officer of The Weinstein Company. As a result of the foregoing unlawful conduct, Plaintiff incurred substantial physical injury, pain, suffering, humiliation, mental anguish, and emotional distress."

Weinstein is currently facing several other lawsuits alleging sexual harassment and from various productions that were shut down following the revelation of allegations against him.