Margot Robbie and Jimmy Fallon Take on the Jinx Challenge on 'Tonight Show'

Margot Robbie Tonight Show H - 2016

The 'Suicide Squad' actress and Fallon have a hard time matching answers as they attempt to shout the same word at the same time.

Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie joined Jimmy Fallon for a new game of Jinx Challenge during Friday's episode of The Tonight Show.

Robbie and Fallon were given several categories and tasked with shouting the same related word at the exact same time. The two called "jinx" for each matching answer while holding hands in conjoined "Jinx gloves."

The actress had trouble getting on the same wavelength as Fallon during their first round of naming different types of fruit. She went for guava, while he stuck to oranges ("Guava?! Who the hell would guess guava?") 

As for the pie category, Robbie blurted out "meat pie" before Fallon's "apple" could register.

"Meat pie?" Fallon asked incredulously, to which Robbie responded, "Sorry, that's an Australian thing!"

Watch the pair play Jinx Challenge below.