Margot Robbie Talks 'Mighty Ducks' Fandom, Plays "Box of Lies" on 'The Tonight Show'

The actress solicited tips from host Jimmy Fallon on what to do when she's shown on the jumbotron during a Rangers game.

Margot Robbie may no longer be a New Yorker, but she'll always be a New York Rangers fan. The Australia-born actress stopped by The Tonight Show and discussed her love of hockey with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (Oct. 11). "The first place I lived in America was New York, so I was automatically a Rangers fan," she explained.

The I, Tonya and Goodbye Christopher Robin actress admitted to getting a little too excited while watching the games at Madison Square Garden. Fallon then showed the audience a candid picture of Robbie looking like she was in midair while celebrating at a Rangers game. "Literally every time I try and give myself a pep talk. 'Don't be too animated,'" she said. "I've learned that sometimes when I go to the game I get photographed. I'm like, 'Keep it cool, keep it cool.' But then at some point I get swept up in the game."

The host and actress then discussed the awkwardness that happens when they are featured on the arena's jumbotron. "I never know what to do," Fallon admitted. "It's uncomfortably long that you're held on the jumbotron," Robbie added. Fallon then pulled out a blue ski mask and showed off his best wave and cheer to depict his favorite jumbotron reaction.

The Rangers may be Robbie's favorite professional hockey team, but she also holds a special place in her heart for The Mighty Ducks. The actress admitted that the 1992 sports film made her "always want to play ice hockey" while growing up. "Finally when I moved to America, I joined a league," she said.

The Mighty Ducks even inspired group Halloween costumes for Robbie and her friends a few years ago. "For Halloween we all got Mighty Ducks jerseys and we ran around New York in a flying-V formation," she recalled. The costumes were met by the approval of many New Yorkers. "People on the streets would start being like, 'Quack, quack, quack, quack,'" Robbie chanted as Fallon and audience members began to join in.

Following the interview segment, Robbie joined Fallon to play one of his favorite games, "Box of Lies." Before Robbie chose her first box, she said, "I'm a terrible liar, actually." She then tried to get into Fallon's head and asked, "Or is that a lie, and I'm really good at this?"

While pulling out her first object, Robbie used the words "saucy" and "“risque" to describe a lobster. As Robbie began to stutter while describing the object as Fallon's head attached to the body of Jessica Rabbit, the host saw through her lie. After questioning the logistics of a bobblehead of the host being attached to a Jessica Rabbit doll, Fallon declared that Robbie lied.

Fallon then took his turn at telling a lie when he pretended to struggle to carry his box over to his seat. Fallon described his object as ice cream in a Houston Astros hat with "Trump hair sprinkled on top." In actuality, the object was a hot dog in a bun made out of dolls' feet. Robbie successfully called Fallon out on his lie.

In the final round, Robbie chose a box that consisted of Nicolas Cage's face on a large egg. Fallon asked, "Would I have this on my desk at work?" Robbie answered, "Most probably." The actress then began to describe the object as a glass bowl filled with band aids and a toy car. "You kind of lost your accent a little bit describing it," noted Fallon before claiming that she lied.

Watch the full game of Box of Lies below.