Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Mariah Carey in a Bubble Bath

Mariah Carey on Jimmy Kimmel Live - H 2016

The singer assured the late-night host that her fiance James Packer wouldn't be upset as the pair sipped champagne.

Kids are curious. Especially five-year-olds. That might explain why Mariah Carey revealed to Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night that when she takes her beloved hot baths these days, she does it with a bathing suit on because her twins, Monroe and Moroccan, are "really into the discovery of it all."

So, wanting to make his guest feel comfortable, Kimmel rolled out a luxurious white bathtub filled with bubbles and invited Carey to take a dip with him, fully dressed in a glittery gown and heels, of course. "This is kind of nice... [but] it's going to spoil my hair," Carey said after sliding in, moving some of the bubbles so as not to muss up her perfect 'do.

Kimmel pulled out all the stops, lavishing the full diva treatment on Carey courtesy of two shirtless beefcakes who offered her champagne and hand-fed grapes, making sure that her billionaire fiance, James Packer, wouldn't be upset at the sight of her sharing some relax time with the late-night host. Flashing her gigantic 35-carat engagement ring, Carey assured Kimmel that despite the upcoming fourth leg of her Las Vegas residency kicking off next week she would not be getting hitched the third time around in the town by an Elvis impersonator. "No, I don't think so," she sighed.

Also, watch how little Mariah knows about who is playing in the NBA Finals — and the rules of sports in general.

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