Mariah Carey Reveals Post-Baby Body in Viral Campaign for Rosie O'Donnell Appearance (Video)

Mariah Carey YouTube Still 2011 H

A series of well-trafficked YouTube spots have been leading up to the singer's visit to the OWN talk show, where she'll discuss losing weight after her pregnancy.

Ambiguous YouTube spots with unfamiliar music and faceless stars are nothing new. They typically herald consumer products, new albums or even films.

But Mariah Carey made a few to promote a talk show appearance.

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After two weeks and over a million hits, shorts teasing the identity of a mysterious "Madame X" were revealed to be the 41-year-old singer, who's a guest on the Nov. 8 episode of OWN's The Rosie Show.

A new mother of twins, the only thing Carey seems to be promoting at the moment is herself and her svelte figure.

The episode of The Rosie Show also serves as the launching pad for the Rosie O'Donnell's "Ready Set Go" initiative, a program that aims to help 25 viewers lose weight. The show teases a "smokin' hot celebrity" is already on the program, and all signs point to Carey.