Mariah Carey, 30 Pounds Lighter, Relaunches Jenny Craig as Brand Ambassador (Video)

Mariah Carey Jenny P 2011

On the heels of a viral campaign for the singer's slim figure, Carey will serve as spokesperson for the weight loss program, now abbreviated to just "Jenny."

Mariah Carey's recently revealed viral campaign wasn't made just to brag about her slim figure.

The 41-year-old singer revealed on Tuesday that she's the new spokesperson for Jenny, formerly Jenny Craig.

The company has since rolled out a full print and commercial campaign for its new brand ambassador, touting a 30-pound weight loss since she joined the program after delivering twins in April.

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In an interview with ABC News, Carey says she was surprised by how much weight she gained while pregnant with babies Moroccan and Monroe and admits feeling pressure from the media to drop it quickly.

“If they want to rag at me for looking like a huge boat, like that wasn’t my fault, I couldn’t help it," she says. "Carrying two human lives inside me and doing the best I could. What am I going to do?”

Carey joins previous Jenny spokeswomen such as Sarah Rue, Valerie Bertinelli, Carrie Fisher and Kirstie Alley.

And like her predecessors at their own start, Carey has yet to reach her goal weight, noting she'd like to resemble her figure in the "Touch My Body" video before she's settled.

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Right now, the video campaign is an extension of the YouTube teaser revealed in October, but Carey says that she'll film more spots, featuring some of her own music. Her 1991 single "Make It Happen" will be repurposed as a theme song of her.

"The ‘Make It Happen’ song resonates with people because it comes from a real place," she said. "I had to push through a lot of adversity in my life and this is just the next chapter."

Watch first commercial below: