Marianne Williamson Tops Google Searches of Candidates After Second Democratic Debate

CNN Democratic Debate Round 2 Part 1_Marianne Williamson - Getty - H 2019

The author and activist was the most-searched candidate in 49 of the 50 states. Elizabeth Warren was the most-tweeted-about candidate on the night.

Author and activist Marianne Williamson was the most-searched-for candidate on Google after the second Democratic debate in Detroit, Michigan.

Google trends also revealed that Williamson topped the likes of established politicians Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg for searches during the CNN-presented debate.

Before the debate began, Williamson was the top-searched candidate in only two states, but at its conclusion she was the most searched for in 49 of the 50 states, with Gov. Steve Bullock capturing his home state of Montana.

Google's data also showed that Williamson's "dark psychic force" comment in relation to the water crisis in Flint led to a spike in searches.

"This is part of the dark underbelly of American society, the racism, the bigotry and the entire conversation that we're having here tonight. If you think any of this wonkiness is going to deal with this dark psychic force of the collectivized hatred that this president is bringing up in this country, then I'm afraid that the Democrats are going to see some very dark days," Williamson said.

However, Williamson didn't enjoy the same dominance on Twitter. Warren was the most-tweeted-about candidate on the night, beating out Sanders and Buttigieg, with Williamson finishing fourth ahead of John Delaney and Beto O'Rourke.

Twitter data also revealed that Warren's response to Delaney ("I genuinely do not understand why anyone would go to all the trouble of running for president just to get up on this stage and talk about what's not possible") was the most-tweeted-about moment. The second-most-tweeted moment was the candidates responding to questions about the Green New Deal, with Williamson and Warren addressing racism in America as the third-most-tweeted moment.