Marianne Williamson on Third Democratic Debate: "I'm Not Surprised They Tried to Keep Me Off That Stage"

MW and Seth - Publicity - H 2019

The Hollywood Reporter's Seth Abramovitch led a talk with the 2020 Presidential candidate following a live screening of the debate at the WGA West Theater.

Marianne Williamson hosted a live stream of Thursday's Democratic debate and offered post-debate commentary with The Hollywood Reporter’s Seth Abramovitch in Beverly Hills. Willamson did not qualify for the debate, as she got the 130,000 donations but only polled at two percent in two of the required four DNC-approved polls. "I'm not surprised they tried to keep me off that debate stage,” she said after the debate at the Writers Guild of American Theater. “When people say that going up on that stage was out of my depth — ladies, and gentleman, there is no depth there.”

Her criticism was not on the actual candidates, but a broader critique of the U.S. political system and media. "My critique of this system really has nothing to do with the individual, but it does have to do with a critique of our conventional political establishment in a sense of how it's going about all of this,” she said following the nearly three-hour live screening. “When I watched tonight it was as if I was eating leftovers, it was not as exciting as you need it to be. But of course, the candidates are not responsible for the questions that are being asked by the media. It's an entire system. Political Media Industrial Complex as I like to call it." 

When Abramovitch asked about her ways of remedying gun violence, Williamson responded: "Why are we such a violent society?”

Speaking to the crowd that filled the room near capacity, she urged that the United States should broaden the horizon of gun violence past the Second Amendment. “I hope that Hollywood will take a good look at itself," she said. "Some of the gratuitous sex, gratuitous violence, the gratuitous violence against women when you see them in movies and television. Do you know how many images — specifically images of violence against women — the average 8-year-old has seen? Thousands and thousands. So if we are going to deal with it, we are going to have to deal with more than just gun violence." 

Despite not securing a spot in the third Democratic debate, Williamson will continue her 2020 campaign.