Renovated Marilyn Monroe and Howard Hughes Bungalows Debut at The Beverly Hills Hotel

Marilyn Monroe_Living Room Unpropped - Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy of The Beverly Hills Hotel

The two iconic bungalows at the Pink Palace were given Hollywood-inspired facelifts.

The Beverly Hills Hotel has been a longtime star stomping ground. Most recently, during Oscars week, the hotel saw Leonardo DiCaprio, Clarence Avant, Snoop Dogg, brothers Kevin and Joe Jonas and Martha Stewart, among others, enjoying the Pink Palace. The hotel’s bungalows with private entrances are A-list beloved with luxury amenities and privacy — Elizabeth Taylor lived at Bungalow 5, where she spent six of her eight honeymoons. 

As part of a larger restoration project, two of the hotel's iconic bungalows have been renovated.

Bungalow 1 (starting at $8,500 per night) has been newly redone by Champalimaud Design (the same firm that revamped sister property, Hotel Bel Air) following two-months to incorporate aspects of Monroe’s life. The one- to three-bedroom space features a Chanel No. 5 perfume bar (The hotel has partnered with the luxury brand for Bungalow 1A) and a Champagne bath with two kinds of bubbles — bath bubbles paired with a bottle of Dom Perignon.

The 2,620-square-foot (with three bedrooms included) bungalow suite includes a living room, kitchen, fireplace, master suite and private terrace, plus a library with classic Marilyn Monroe films and books. Guests are also able to order from Marilyn’s Menu (which includes prawn cocktail, carrot salad, DiMaggio’s spaghetti and meatballs, NY steak and an ice cream sundae), inspired by an interview the actress did in 1952 in which she described her favorite foods.

The hotel’s Bungalow 3 (starting at $8,500 per night) pays homage to Howard Hughes, who lived at the hotel on and off for three decades. Hughes would book seven bungalows at a time and hire imposters to stay in the rooms he was not occupying so that no one knew which one he resided in.

Guests are able to order roast beef sandwiches, which the reclusive billionaire would order and ask that it would be delivered to a nearby tree. Art deco motifs dot the sleek, aviation-inspired 1,670-2,620-square-foot bungalow suite, which features one to three bedrooms, a wood-burning fireplace, master suite and private terrace.