Marine Who Asked Mila Kunis Out Gets Thousands of Comments, Streams on YouTube

David Giesbrecht/Sony Pictures

Tweeted the actress Monday: "I'm so happy to be going to the Marine corps Ball!"

Sergeant Scott Moore has Mila Kunis as a date to the Marine Corps Ball -- and a whole lot of YouTube fans now.

Moore recorded a video from Afghanistan and posted it on YouTube on June 7 asking the Friends With Benefits star to accompany him to the dance, which takes place in Greenville, N.C. on Nov. 18. She was asked about whether she'd accept the invitation on Fox News over the weekend, and co-star Justin Timberlake told her, "You need to do it for your country." She agreed shortly after.

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Now Moore's YouTube video has more than 487,000 streams as of Tuesday morning, and 2,900 comments, mostly patting him on the back for asking Kunis out.

"Well played, sir! " reads one. "Good deal man. Have fun. Be yourself," writes another.

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"Dude….that is so awesome....I'm a 29 yr old former Marine Sergeant and Mila Kunis is probably my favorite...I got to eat with Sofia Vergera this year so I guess I'm good lol....make sure they videotape that sh-t at the ball! Touch her leg! Make out with her!!!!" wrote arvydas0069.

"This guy is awesome," wrote L1nKo64. "Congrats fellow Leatherneck. Get home safely, and enjoy the ball!" added TheMrGiggidyGiggidy.

Kunis posted on Twitter on Monday: "I'm so happy to be going to the Marine corps Ball!"

Friends With Benefits hits theaters on July 22.