'The President Show's' Trump Bids Passionate Farewell to Mario Cantone's "The Mooch"

The president and his former communciations director kiss and share a tight embrace as they say goodbye to each other.

The real Anthony Scaramucci may already be out of the White House but on Comedy Central's The President Show, Mario Cantone gave his impression of "The Mooch" another run.

On Thursday's show Anthony Atamanuik's Donald Trump was reluctant to say goodbye to Scaramucci, but is urged on by John Kelly's voice from above.

"Do I really have to go? Now that our love is so new?" said Cantone's Scaramucci. When Atamanuk's Trump confirms that yes, Kelly says so, Cantone's Scaramucci says that he at least can now see his wife and newborn son.

He promptly breaks out into hysterical laughter alongside Trump. "Nah, I'm not going to do that."

Scaramucci tells Trump there's an old Italian expression, and Trump says he knows what it is and starts making out with his former communications director. Scaramucci is dragged out of the room by a giant hand as he proclaims his love for Trump and Bannon is caught pants down behind the Oval Office desk.

Earlier in the episode Cantone's Scaramucci played game night with Trump's fellow advisers. He and Bannon got into a confrontation over Scaramucci's vulgar comments in The New Yorker.