'Mario Kart Tour' Cruises to 20M Installs in First 24 Hours

Mario Kart Tour Game Still - Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy of Nintendo

Meanwhile, player spending has surpassed $1 million.


The sixth mobile published by Nintendo, Mario Kart Tour, has delivered the company's best first-day launch. Analytics firm Sensor Tower reports that installs for the new game, which debuted Wednesday, topped 20 million worldwide over its first 24 hours of release, besting the company's five prior mobile releases. Player spending, meanwhile, has surpassed $1 million, which is the third-best for a Nintendo mobile game behind 2017's Fire Emblem Heroes and 2016's Super Mario Run.

Mario Kart Tour's high number of installs more than doubles the No. 2 spot of first-day Nintendo mobile game downloads, as Super Mario Run amassed 7 million back in 2016. Meanwhile, Mario Kart Tour completely overshadows Nintendo's other mobile title released this year, Dr. Mario World, which only racked up 650,000 downloads in its first 24 hours back in July. 

The gap between revenue and downloads may be attributed to Mario Kart Tour's monetization model, which utilizes a $4.99 monthly subscription, dubbed Gold Pass. A free two-week trial period is currently being offered before subscribers are charged any actual money, meaning the revenue figures for the title will likely increase in the coming weeks and months. 

For comparison, Fire Emblem Heroes, which utilizes a more standardized microtransaction revenue stream, generated $4.3 million over its first 24 hours. That title has gone to gross well over $500 million and drove Nintendo's quarterly growth back in April with $46.6 million in global player spending.