Marion Cotillard’s Stalker Arrested

The New York woman allegedly sent threatening messages to the Oscar-winning actress’ fan site.

French actress Marion Cotillard played a tortured, haunting woman in Inception, but may now be dealing with her own haunting in real life.

A New York woman, Teresa "Terri" Yuan, was arrested by the FBI on Thursday for allegedly sending Cotillard threatening messages online, law enforcement sources told Reuters.

Yuan allegedly sent videos and emails to one of the French actress’s fansites, and in one threatens to kill Cotillard. There are also rambling of wanting to play Russian Roullette with Cotillard.

"The guilt and sorrow I feel now, I won't feel after it happens," she said in the video. "After it happens I'll feel no regret whatsoever ... that's apparently how it feels to be a killer, to be a murderer." She also indicated that she knew the actress’ travel schedule.

The alleged cyber stalker was arrested, and released on $50,000 bond on Friday, authorities said. She was ordered to stay away from Cotillard, and barred from using internet outside of her home. All her internet activity would be monitored. Yuan's lawyer, Michael Schneider, declined to comment.

Cotillard has been cast in the next installment in the Batman franchise, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. She won an Academy Award for her role in La Vie en Rose, and recently appeared in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.