Marion Cotillard Stars in a New Movie by John Cameron Mitchell -- for Dior

Christian Dior

The director of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" makes a fashion movie with France's biggest star.

We've been noting just how many major film directors -- and film stars -- have been working making fashion short films in the last few years. Kate Bosworth just shot a fashion film for French designer Vanessa Bruno. Prada makes many fashion films for their website and beyond. And John Cameron Mitchell has directed a Dior short film called LA.dy Dior -- about a movie star doing a fashion photos shoot - starring certified movie star Marion Cotillard, who's been modelling for Dior's handbag line for some time.

Three other directors have also directed Cotillard in Lady Dior handbag short films.  David Lynch's Lady Blue Shanghai was the third in a series promoting the patent leather Lady Dior bag; the first, The Lady Noire Affair, was directed by Olivier Dahan, Cotillard's La Vie en Rose director. The second, Lady Rouge, was shot by Swedish music video director Jonas Akerlund

LA.dy Dior shows off a new collection of Miss Dior quilted square bags that are now coming in new colorations, and one multi-colored model, and even an all white summer model.  If you go on the following link, or go to, and hit on the images of LA.dy Dior, you can see photos, a preview, and in fact, the whole film. There's even a making of he film clip, in which Mitchell says, "I thought I'd make Marion into a movie star." The star she plays is petulant and vain, far from the A list Oscar-winning actress of La Vie en Rose and Inception and Midnight in Paris. But Cotillard indeed plays a great diva, and she sure looks amazing in all those highly desirable Dior looks and bags. It's so nice that someone this talented is this beautiful and this chic. Of course, she's French! We're not quite sure about the blonde wig she sports in the Dior movie, but since it's like an extended fashion photo shoot, there are lots of great images.

Look for more of these kinds of fashion films from big directors and big stars to come. It was only a matter of time, as films on the web procreate like - well, like designer handbags.

To see the film:


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