Mariska Hargitay Shares New Baby's Name

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Big decisions are family decisions in Mariska Hargitay's house. 

The Law & Order: Special Victims Unit actress told People magazine that both her husband, Peter Hermann, and four-year-old son, August, helped to name their adopted one-week old addition to the family. 

Their choice? Amaya Josephine, which was adapted from Hargitay's favorite girl's name, Maya. 

"I like that name, but I wanted her to have the same initials as August," the actress said. "I thought adding the 'A' was so feminine. Amaya sounded so open and feminine and beautiful -- just like her." 

And though the name was ultimately a Hargitay creation, the actress says her son is taking all the credit for the family's new baby. 

"He is over the moon," she said. "He calls her his baby because he says the whole thing was his idea."