Mark Bacci heading 'South' for film debut

Writer set to direct $2 million project about an Italian cop

Writer Mark Bacci will make his directing debut with "Five Hours South," which starts shooting Wednesday in Rome.

The Italian company New Pandora Film and Campania Film Commission's Rino Piccolo are financing the $2 million project, which stars Jordan Bridges, Jeannine Kaspar, Brooklyn Sudano, Elle McPherson and Louise Linton.

The story follows a small-town Italian policeman struggling to pursue his passion for break-dancing while dealing with a secret from his past.

Fortitude's Ben Press and Michael McConnell packaged the film and recruited former Roc-A-Fella Records exec Damon Dash, who directed and produced "State Property 2," to produce and supervise the music for the film.

Bacci, repped by Fortitude and Circle of Confusion, has his screenplay "Vampire Nation" set up with Arsenal Pictures and his thriller script "Six Days Till Midnight" in development with Emmett/Furla Films. David R. Ellis ("The Final Destination") is attached to direct the latter project.

The actors and Dash are repped by Fortitude. Bridges ("Mona Lisa Smile") is additionally repped by MJ Management, Kaspar ("Nip/Tuck") by Joanne Horowitz, Sudano ("My Wife and Kids") by Luber Roklin and Linton ("Lions for Lambs") by Untitled.