Mark Burnett partners for branded content

Producer forms digital co-venture with VIMBY

Producer Mark Burnett has formed a partnership with video production company VIMBY (Video in My Backyard) to produce branded content for various platforms.

The co-venture will work with media companies and advertisers to create content geared toward specific targeted demos, for example, mothers, millennials, the environmentally conscious, health aficionados and the technologically savvy. L.A.-based VIMBY will make use of its network of producer-director-editors across the country in the creation of the content, which is intended to reach consumers on the national and local level.

Burnett called the co-venture "the future of branded entertainment."

"This is an important partnership for the branded content industry," he said. "Local content with national relevance has never been produced before at this level."

Added VIMBY CEO Dean Waters: "We have invested heavily in a network of highly skilled filmmakers and every day are capturing local content and telling stories that are at the forefront of national trends and ideas. National brands get access to our local infrastructure to carry their message across the nation."

VIMBY chief creative officer David Goffin will manage all of the co-venture’s productions.