Mark Burnett Promotes Glenn Beck's TV Network in New Ad (Video)

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images
Mark Burnett

The "Survivor" creator is encouraging people to support the conservative star's TheBlaze.

Glenn Beck, not a popular figure in traditionally liberal Hollywood, has picked up a powerful endorsement for his young broadband television channel, TheBlaze: reality TV guru Mark Burnett, the creator of Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice and other hits.

“I love TheBlaze,” Burnett says in a new ad that hit the Internet Thursday. “Call your TV producer and ask for the channel.”

Burnett and wife Roma Downey were recently on TheBlaze with Beck to speak about The Bible, the highly rated miniseries that wraps up Easter Sunday on the History channel.

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While the couple have a reverence for faith in common – though Beck is Mormon – they don’t share the same politics, judging from the couple’s financial support for President Barack Obama, one of Beck’s favorite targets of scorn.

Burnett and Downey, though, have certainly turned some heads among Hollywood’s staunch liberals, particularly with a Wall Street Journal article in which they promoted the notion that the Bible should be taught in schools, and then by introducing a Satan character in their Bible miniseries that many people said resembled Obama.

In Beck’s recent interview, he broached the topic of the couple’s Hollywood colleagues who don’t share their love of Christianity.

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“Are you concerned at all about going back to Hollywood and working with people – and people perceiving you as a Bible freak or a Jesus freak?” asked Beck.

“Our job in television is storytelling, and obviously we’ve done a pretty good job of it with the amount of shows on the air,” Burnett answers. “Many people in Hollywood, in motion picture and television, were making biblical stories. Maybe we’re just a year ahead of everyone else on this.”