Mark Burnett Used 12 Razors in a Lufthansa Bathroom to Shave His Beard

AP Images; iStock
Mark Burnett

The reality uber-producer had a "mad moment" on a plane where he got rid of his 'Duck Dynasty'-style beard during an overseas flight (and used 12 disposable razors in the process.)

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Reality uber-producer Mark Burnett had the Twittersphere buzzing May 31 when he appeared at the Critics' Choice TV Awards without his Duck Dynasty-style beard. Turns out the brains behind The Voice, The Apprentice and Survivor had shaved off what his wife, Roma Downey, affectionately had dubbed "a human Chia Pet" on a flight back from the Rome set of Ben Hur in April.

As Burnett tells it, he was in the bathroom with 9½ hours left on the Lufthansa flight and a drawer labeled "razors" caught his eye. "In a mad moment, I just started shaving it off," he laughed. An hour and a half -- and 12 disposable razors -- later, he emerged fully shorn. So what prompted the change? A recent appearance on The Tonight Show where Downey and Jimmy Fallon donned faux beards in his honor: "That's when I thought, 'The beard has officially become a joke.' "