Mark Burnett's 'The Bible' Tops 1 Million in Home Entertainment Sales

"The Bible"

Already breaking records in its April release, the History miniseries has seen Blu-ray and DVD sales that best all of the last two years' TV efforts.

The Bible continues to be a big seller for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Mark Burnett's religious miniseries recently topped 1 million units in home entertainment sales, making it the fastest-selling TV title of the last two years.

This latest feat follows record-breaking ratings (13.1 million viewers) for History and April's fast-selling debut of the DVD and Blu-ray. In its first week alone, The Bible moved 525,000 copies.

STORY: Mark Burnett Confirms 'The Bible' Follow-Up Project

“We are thrilled that The Bible series continues to be enjoyed by millions across the country. The response to the series on television was overwhelming, and clearly families are now wanting to own the DVD and enjoy it with family and friends,” said co-executive producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett. “There are many people that are gifting it to others to share the good news far and wide. The Bible series is fast becoming a national treasure, and next we roll it out around the world.”

In response to the 10-part series' warm reception, Burnett and Downey have already said that they're doing some sort of follow-up to the project. They're also editing the Jesus portions of the series into a feature.

“Retailers understood the potential of this project immediately, especially in its broad appeal to families," said Simon Swart, executive vp and general manager of North America for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. "Sales have maintained a brisk pace since its release, which reflects the endearing universal appeal of the series."

Burnett is under the impression that 1 million is also a small number compared to the audience the series will ultimately reach.   

"I believe in the next 15 years, more people on the planet will have seen our Bible series than not seen it," said Burnett during June's Produced By conference.