Mark Cuban on Running for Office: "Anything's Possible"

The 'Shark Tank' host answers if he would be the second reality star to run and shares his feelings on the first (Donald Trump).

"I call what [Donald’s Trump] is doing the Seinfeld campaign, the campaign about nothing because all he does is scream and yell, and no one else is getting anything done of consequence," Mark Cuban, host of Shark Tank, told The Hollywood Reporter during the Reality TV Roundtable.

"I’ve gotten into battles with Donald on Twitter, and other places, and on TV and all that stuff," said Cuban. "He’s just so easy to f— with, right? He’s got no sense of humility or humor, no humor whatsoever. That’s what makes him so easy to mess with."

THR asked Cuban about the potential of his own personal run for elected office, to which he candidly replied, "Yeah. Anything's possible.

“If you were to ask me six years ago, four years ago, I would have said, ‘Hell no,’" he continued. "But given what’s going on, and given kind of how people feel about everything ... you know, I’m the luckiest guy in the world, and I’m in a position where if I wanted to invest in myself to do something, I could. If I wanted to do something to get people behind me, I could. It’s just a question of whether I can have the greatest impact there, or doing what I’m doing.”

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