Mark Cuban on Donald Trump: "I Don't Think He's Racist"

CNN Screengrab

"I think he has absolutely no self-awareness. I think he loses context continuously."

Mark Cuban told CNN that he does not believe that Donald Trump is a racist.

During a sit-down interview on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon on Thursday evening, the Dallas Mavericks owner told the host, of Trump, "Anybody who continually refers to themselves in the third person, you almost have to dismiss most of what they're saying."

He added, "Presidential candidates lie. And we don't call them on it, and so, Donald is just taking it to an extreme. Do I think he's racist in these comments? Or are they racist comments? Yes."

But based off of his personal interactions with the GOP nominee, Cuban said he would not label him a racist. "In my experience with Donald Trump, my one-on-one experience, I don't think he's racist. Yes, I mean, if I thought he was truly racist and this is exactly what we were going to see from him as the president, then, yes, I preclude him immediately. I don't think he's racist."

So what does Cuban think of the billionaire businessman's racially-charged commentary? "I think he has absolutely no self-awareness. I think he loses context continuously," Cuban, a member of the Independent party, told Lemon. "I think he gets caught up in his own head and thinks — you know, he hears what he's saying and thinks it's right no matter what he says. And it comes out stupid a lot of times."

Despite what he thinks comes out of Trump being "stupid a lot of times," Cuban thinks the former Apprentice star would fair better with Congress than Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. "I think the way things are right now, yes," he remarked of the GOP contender. "If the Republicans continue to hold on to Congress, then they're going to do what they've done to Obama, but it's only going to be 1,000 times worse," he said.

"Right now, the far right, they've dehumanized Hillary. And unless she's able to combat that, it's going to be easier for the obstructionists in Congress to just slam the door and create gridlock even worse than we are today," he said of Clinton, adding, "the Democrats aren't going to just shoot Donald down for being Donald."

So will Cuban ever throw his hat in the political ring? Just maybe. "I think there needs to be an independent voice, there needs to be an independent party," he told the CNN host. "And whether it's me or somebody else, it needs to happen." 

Watch the full interview below.