Mark Cuban Says He'd "Crush" Donald Trump If He Ran for President

Mark Cuban - H 2015
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Mark Cuban - H 2015

The billionaire Dallas Mavericks' owners doesn't mince deals or words.

Billionaire and reality show star Mark Cuban is not running for president, but if he were, the other billionaire and former reality show star in the race would not stand a chance, says the Dallas Mavericks' owner.

On Monday, the Shark Tank personality reiterated in a phone interview with Closing Bell on CNBC that if he wanted the White House, Donald Trump would get crushed if he stood in his way. 

"There's no question about it," Cuban said. "When I said I would crush Trump, it's less on Donald and more on the Republican party."

The GOP "requires" all candidates to conform on "all" social issues, Cuban said, which is a giant misstep he could easily take advantage of with voters. 

"I think [the conformity] is just so out of touch with what is happening in America today," he said. "In this day and age, you can't just have one party line, you have to take into account what's going on in the world." 

Hillary Clinton also is no longer a threat, Cuban said. 

"I think Hillary's kind of blown it. I think there's no chance for her to win an election," Cuban said. "I think she just lost her shot." 

Cuban did not elaborate further on Clinton. 

As for who would get his vote, Cuban said he has no clue right now since there is no substance to the candidates yet because "real issues" are not being discussed. 

"Right now it's all social media driven; What's the best for a headline, what's the best in 140 characters," Cuban said. "Like I said, they're just playing checkers...and so there's really no reason to pick a horse at this time." 

Cuban said he would even make a wager concerning the campaign trail so far. 

"I would bet any amount of money that Donald Trump has spent the least amount of money of any of the candidates. Without question," he said. "I bet he spent so far less because he's not approaching it in a traditional political sense." 

Successful, savvy businessmen and businesswomen are watching Trump's run and taking notes on his understanding of how the media can be used, not bought, Cuban said. 

"I think not only is he setting a tone in being a free thinker...he's also really demonstrating that if you take a different approach...then in the traditional get elected and have a whole staff of consultants and analysts working for you, you can do it for a lot less money."