Mark Cuban's HDNet Orders Shows About Celebrity Daters, Open Marriage (Exclusive)

The independent cable network will roll out four new unscripted series in the fall.

Mark Cuban’s HDNet has ordered four new series featuring famous singles, open marriage and a multifaceted landlord for the fall.

“We are fiercely independent at HDNet, and our programming will continue to push the limits of what TV can be," said the HDNet chairman and co-founder, noting that the network can take the kind of chances that “major media companies are afraid to take.”

The new offerings, all nonscripted, include Celebridate, Mr. Personalities Takes on the World, The Ferris Wheel and The Super. They will join a schedule that already has plans to offer a live broadcast of a Jefferson Starship concert June 5 and live footage of Mixed Martial Arts fights throughout the summer.

Celebridate centers on Roger Lodge, who spent seven years setting up singles on Blind Date. Now, he’s bringing his match-making prowess to the famous, and infamous. Among the name dates: Dean Cain (Superman) and Tracey Bingham (Baywatch).

Mr. Personalities Takes on the World follows comedian Ben Morrison (Punk’d) as he travels the festival circuit (think the Renaissance Fair) assuming the part of different characters.

The Ferris Wheel revolves around Jeremy and Kate Ferris, a "sex crazed" couple who let cameras in on its open marriage. He is a non-working millionaire; she's a barely out of college swimsuit model. Together the duo gallivant about the world.

Finally, The Super chronicles the daily duties of Dave Paladino, who manages more than 1,700 units. He serves as a landlord, manager, security guard, plumber, carpenter, psychologist and social worker, who witnesses everything from crack heads to bathtub births.

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