Mark Cuban's New Trump Troll: Bets He'll Go Personally Bankrupt Over "Toxic Brand"

Donald Trump Mark Cuban - Split - H - 2016
Mark Wilson, Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

The billionaires have been verbally sparring since the summer.

Mark Cuban continued his verbal assault on fellow billionaire Donald Trump on Thursday, saying the GOP presidential nominee will end up broke should he lose the election. 

"If Donald Trump loses this election, I'm betting he personally goes bankrupt w/in 7 yrs. That's how toxic his brand now is," Cuban tweeted.

Trump companies have declared bankruptcy four times. 

Not long before the "toxic brand" tweet, Cuban tweeted Trump would be a horrible president because he is a know-it-all. 

Trump and Cuban have exchanged barbs ever since the Dallas Mavericks owner endorsed Hillary Clinton over the summer.  

Since then, Cuban has trolled Trump often, even attending the first presidential debate, which took place Monday in New York. Cuban reportedly got the invite from the Clinton campaign, but he gladly touted his presence on social media beforehand. 

Of course Trump returned fire by saying he considered inviting Gennifer Flowers to sit next to Cuban, who he also noted was on a failed reality show, 2004's short-lived, The Benefactor

Flowers said she once had a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton. 

Before the debate, Cuban made news when he offered Trump $10 million for a one-on-one interview to discuss his policies and plans for the White House.

Trump has yet to respond.