Foster the People Singer: Snoop Dogg Helped Me Quit Smoking Marijuana

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Mark Foster says that the rapper and cannabis enthusiast made sure his resolve didn't go up in smoke.

An unlikely overlap in the venn diagram between Snoop Dogg and Nancy Reagan has emerged: the term "Just Say No."

Snoop, who has made smoking marijuana a very public cornerstone of his long career, made a surprising move when he met Mark Foster, the lead singer of Foster the People.

Foster, he tells Q Magazine in its new issue, had just quit partaking in the chronic three days earlier, but as he told Snoop, "I quit smoking but I'd have one with now if I had the chance." The rapper's response? "He said 'Y'know what, brother: sometimes you gotta slow down and focus on your s--t.'"

Lesson learned. "From the godfather of marijuana smoking! That was good enough for me," Foster said.

It was a case of do as I say, not as I do; just last week, Dogg was issued a citation and ultimately fined in Norway for possession of the drug.

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