Mark Gordon Says Netflix Deal Will Help Shonda Rhimes "Broaden Her Horizons"

Mark Gordon Headshot NEW - H 2013
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Mark Gordon Headshot NEW - H 2013

The prolific producer was speaking as a game-changer at the Edinburgh TV Festival.

Just weeks after news broke that Shonda Rhimes would be making the leap to Netflix from ABC, her former producer as she first rose to stardom as showrunner on Grey’s Anatomy praised her decision to move away from ABC Studios.

“I think the Netflix opportunity will give her a chance to broaden her horizons,” said Mark Gordon, speaking at the Edinburgh TV Festival as one of the event’s "game-changers."

“She won’t have to do 22 to 24 episodes anymore. It’s brutal and was killing her,” added the prolific TV and film exec, who has titles including Murder on the Orient Express, Molly’s Game and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms on a bustling upcoming slate. “I think we’re going to see some amazing work come out of her on Netflix.”

Gordon cited Rhimes again while discussing his own break away from ABC in 2015 to form the Mark Gordon Company.

“As a producer, I have always been entrepreneurial by spirit. I find the spirit of putting your ass on the line exciting and challenging," he said.

Happily, he said that his new company had a success “right out of the gate” with Designated Survivor (the Edinburgh audience were treated to an exclusive peek at season two). “Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.”

“I feel liberated and pressure at the same time,” he said of now working independently of studios. “But now it’s that horrible word, EBITDA.”