Mark Halperin Issues Lengthy Apology for "Inappropriate" Behavior at ABC News

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"The world is now publicly acknowledging what so many women have long known: Men harm women in the workplace."

Ousted NBC News analyst Mark Halperin has responded to the recent allegations of sexual harassment made against him.

The journalist took to Twitter on Friday afternoon to issue a statement saying he was "profoundly sorry for the pain and anguish" he caused with "past actions."

"The world is now publicly acknowledging what so many women have long known: Men harm women in the workplace," Halperin said in the statement. "For a long time at ABC News, I was part of the problem. I acknowledge that, and I deeply regret it. As I said earlier in the week, my behavior was wrong. It caused fear and anxiety for women who were only seeking to do their jobs."

Halperin claimed in the statement that he "closely read the accounts of women with whom I worked at ABC News," claiming he was not looking for "discrepancies or inconsistencies," but rather "in every case, I have recognized conduct for which I feel profound guilt and responsibility, some involving junior ABC News personnel and women just starting out in the news business." He went on to "fully acknowledge and apologize for conduct that was often aggressive and crude."

Halperin said, "I recognized I had a problem" toward the end of his tenure at ABC News, though "no one had sued me" or "filed a human resources complaint against me." He claimed he had "weekly counseling sessions to work on understanding the personal issues and attitudes that caused me to behave in such an inappropriate manner."

On Thursday, NBC News severed ties with the political analyst, who also previously worked with MSNBC and ABC News. "We find the story and the allegations very troubling," NBC said in a statement on Thursday morning. "Mark Halperin is leaving his role as a contributor until the questions around his past conduct are fully understood."

Later that same day, HBO announced it would drop its planned miniseries about the 2016 election after women came forward accusing Halperin of harassment. "HBO has no tolerance for sexual harassment within the company or its productions," the network said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Showtime said in a statement on Thursday that it will be evaluating the future of docuseries The Circus, which Halperin co-hosted with John Heilemann and Mark McKinnon.

"During Mark’s time working with us, we have not seen nor have there been allegations of any untoward behavior," said a network representative in a statement on Thursday. "We are aware of these reports and will continue to evaluate all options should we decide to move forward with another season of The Circus. There is no tolerance for sexual harassment within Showtime and its productions."

Following a CNN report from earlier Friday detailing four more women's claims of sexual harassment against Halperin, the number of accusers now stands at over a dozen.

Read Halperin's full statement below.