Mark Hamill on Mitt Romney: He Is 'Not Actually Human' (Video)

Mark Hamill

In a recent interview conducted at Comic-Con, the former "Star Wars" star likened the Republican to The Thing.

If Mark Hamill -- aka Luke Skywalker -- isn’t feeling a bit of political backlash by now, he probably will shortly, courtesy of an Internet site that posted a four-minute interview of the Star Wars actor where he says GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is “not actually human.”

The site on Monday posted video of the interview, conducted at Comic-Con, and by mid-day Tuesday it had gone from to the Drudge Report to Yahoo and to hundreds of political, celebrity, news and superhero-geek sites across the Internet.

The interview, embedded below, begins non-controversial enough, with Hamill explaining why Superman should ditch his alter ego Clark Kent. Then Hamill segues to Zorro and Robin Hood and from there it’s a leap into politics.

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“It goes back to Robin Hood. People that are fighting for the middle class and the have-nots,” says Hamill. “It’s something that we see even playing out in the presidential race. And if you don’t vote for Barack Obama, you’re insane – 'cuz without him I think the middle class will completely disappear.”

“And you look at Romney,” Hamill continued, “and I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but I think he’s like The Thing -- he only imitates human behavior, he’s not actually human himself.“

After that, Hamill imitated Romney speaking like a caveman.

“Do you know he had lemonade on the campaign trail last week (and) he said: ‘Lemon. Wet. Good.' Really, he said that! So God bless him, I’m enjoying him running for office.”

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Hamill’s reference was to a campaign stop where Romney guzzled a cup full of lemonade and was asked how it tasted. “Lemon. Wet. Good,” was his response, and liberals have been poking fun at it ever since.

Hamill hasn’t tweeted about the suddenly famous interview, but plenty of Twitter users have been having fun with it at his expense, mostly by invoking references to Star Wars. A couple dozen of their tweets are collected at the website Twitchy.

“The force is not strong with this one,” says one. “When this guy turns to the Dark Side, he goes all in,” says another.