Mark Ruffalo Knows Jon Stewart Doesn't Watch His Guests' Movies

Mark Ruffalo on Thursday's 'Daily Show'

The actor stopped by to pay tribute to the outgoing 'Daily Show' host's skills as an interviewer.

On Thursday night, Mark Ruffalo continued The Daily Show's series of tributes to outgoing host Jon Stewart, this time honoring his skill as an interviewer.

As a guest on Thursday night's show, there to promote his new movie Infinitely Polar Bear, Ruffalo was particularly well suited to present the interview-themed tribute. He called out Stewart for not seeing his movie, which led to a supercut of the Daily Show host telling guests he hadn't seen their films, read their books or watched their TV shows. Included among the clips, Stewart chatting with Hugh Grant, whom the host has since called his least favorite guest.

In keeping with the uninformed theme, the tribute was made to "Joe Stewart," as an introductory graphic stated.

"Jon, just wait until you make a movie, " Ruffalo continued, pretending to be oblivious to Stewart's film Rosewater, "and people lie to you about seeing it."

Ruffalo later joined Stewart for his interview, in which Stewart tried to bluff about Infinitely Polar Bear, delivering his oft-used compliment, "this movie is great and you're great in it" remarks before saying "it's about a polar bear that goes on forever." Ruffalo also claimed that he had seen Rosewater, to which Stewart joked of his movie, which only made $3.1 million at the domestic box office, "So that was you!"

They ultimately moved on from Ruffalo's latest film to a more important question: Hulk vs. Superman?

After Stewart points out that if they both jumped into the air at the same time, Superman wouldn't come down first, Ruffalo tried to offer a rebuttal but stopped himself and just said, "I'm going to miss you."

They also discussed Ruffalo's environmental activism, which Stewart did seem quite informed about.

Watch both clips below.