Mark Ruffalo Loses Phone and ID, Turns to Twitter Audience for Help

Mark Ruffalo - H 2015

"Wow, thanks for all the tips and help for my lost phone… really appreciated."

Mark Ruffalo dropped his cellphone and ID somewhere in the streets of New York City on Saturday and turned to his massive Twitter audience for assistance. 

The Oscar-nominated actor even said whoever found his items and returned them would get some pretty cool gifts of gratitude. 

Ruffalo thanked everyone for the help he was getting and not long after, he updated that his phone and ID had been found. 

The Avengers star is not the first big-name actor to use Twitter when it comes to lost belongings. 

Tom Hanks had a similar post in October, but in that case, Hanks was trying to return a lost student ID he found while walking in the park. 

Hanks tweet turned the Fordham University student into somewhat of a celebrity; she appeared on morning talk shows following the incident.