Mark Ruffalo Says His Oscar Speech Would Address Social Justice

Ruffalo H

Should the best supporting actor nominee be honored, Ruffalo says he would address "climate issues, social justice, income inequality" in his acceptance speech.

If Mark Ruffalo wins the best supporting actor Oscar for his performance in Spotlight at Sunday’s Academy Awards, expect an acceptance speech freighted with references to social and political activism — and Hollywood’s role, or lack thereof, in the process.

“I want to talk about a general kind of justice and Hollywood’s responsibility and power in today’s world,” Ruffalo told The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday.

Ruffalo said his acceptance speech would address “climate issues, social justice, income inequality — it goes across the board. These are interconnected issues. It’s all about justice today.”

On Thursday, Ruffalo took a group that included Leonardo DiCaprio, Norman Lear, Rashida Jones, Ed Begley, Jr., Diane Kruger, Evangeline Lilly and Revenant producer Mary Parent on a bus tour of working oil wells located in residential neighborhoods in Los Angeles. It was part of an awareness campaign by Ruffalo and the environmental group Hollywood United. 

Ruffalo produced the documentary Dear Governor Brown, directed by Jon Bowermaster, calling for Brown to ban the fracking method of oil extraction in the state.

At Kenneth Hahn state park, which is bisected by an oil field of bobbing derricks, Ruffalo blasted Brown for embracing environmental causes but not challenging the state’s petroleum interests.

"We want responsible leadership towards changing California from a fossil fuel paradigm to a renewable energy paradigm," Ruffalo said.