Mark Ruffalo Talks Environmental Policy in Second Season Finale of Snapchat's 'Good Luck America' (Exclusive)

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Peter Hamby

The Peter Hamby-hosted original show, which gives an on-the-ground look at politics in America, has more than doubled its audience since season one.

Good night and Good Luck America

Snapchat's original political show hosted by Peter Hamby is signing off on its second season today with an episode that focuses on the Environmental Protection Agency. In characteristic form, GLA is taking viewers inside the governmental agency through interviews with administrator Scott Pruitt and people invested in environmental issues, including actor Mark Ruffalo. 

In its two seasons on Snapchat, GLA has become known for its boots-on-the-ground style of reporting. Hamby notes that he tries to balance talking heads and real people affected by the policies and actions that GLA covers. But the show reached out to Ruffalo and asked him to be a rare entertainment industry guest because the environment is a cause close to the Hulk actor. "We didn't just want to book him because he's a famous person," Hamby tells The Hollywood Reporter. "He's really smart on this stuff." 

The episode wraps a season that featured deep dives into topics including gerrymandering, Russia and sanctuary cities. It was a new format for the show after a first season that largely followed Hamby on the campaign trail talking to the various presidential candidates. "We're occupying a space that doesn't quite exist in the political news world," says Hamby. He later adds, "We're not tracking and delivering incremental updates about who got fired from the White House or which bill they're moving out of Senate committee today. Our goal is to step back, separate ourselves from the noise and to really focus on issues." 

It's a strategy that's working with the Snapchat crowd. The show's audience has more than doubled during its second season, according to Snapchat. On average, each episode is drawing more than 5 million unique viewers, and nearly 75 percent of that audience is under the age of 25. 

"These are Snapchatters who really aren't getting political news from traditional sources," says Hamby, a former CNN reporter who joined Snapchat in 2015. "It's a huge opportunity because young people are earnest, they're engaged — more engaged than they have been ever before." 

The second season of GLA launched in March after the first season drew more than 22 million unique viewers, with guests including President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. This season, guests included Sen. John McCain, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Keith Olbermann. After taking a break, the show will return in the fall for a third season.

The final episode of GLA's second season became available Friday on Snapchat at 6 a.m. ET. Watch an exclusive clip below: