Mark Wahlberg Appeared to Exit Super Bowl Before Patriots Comeback

The actor and Pats fan clarified that he left as one of his children was feeling sick.

Mark Wahlberg will have mixed emotions tonight after leaving the Super Bowl early and missing his beloved New England Patriots coming from 25 points down to seal an epic win in overtime. 

Wahlberg, a high-profile Pats fan, was on the field before the game started and one of the go-to faces for the TV cameras as his team struggled in the first half. Video then emerged of Wahlberg and his sons heading for the NRG Stadium exit after the third quarter.

After copping some flak on social media, Wahlberg later clarified that his youngest child was feeling unwell. "I had to leave the game early because my youngest wasn't feeling well. Trust me, I would have loved to be at the stadium — but family first. Doesn't mean I don't love my Patriots too!" the post said.