Mark Wahlberg Does the Weather (Video)

TELEVISION: Mark Wahlberg


"Entourage" producers Mark Wahlberg (WME, Leverage, Sloane Offer), Steve Levinson (WME, Sloane Offer) and Rob Weiss (UTA, Hansen Jacobson) are developing "The Happy Tree," a marijuana-themed comedy, for Fox.

In Philadelphia to promote "Broken City," the star stopped by the local Fox affiliate to deliver the meteorological news.

Mark Wahlberg wears many hats in the entertainment world -- movie star, producer, former underwear-modeler -- but "buff meteorologist" has never found its way onto his lengthy resume. That is, until now.

The star, in Philadelphia for a screening of his new movie Broken City, surfaced during an edition of WTXF Fox's Good Day Philadelphia, where he and Broken City director Allen Hughes delivered an impromptu reading of the week's weather.

Mild mayhem ensues -- though Wahlberg really kicks into high gear when the time comes to report the traffic.

"Look at this congestion here," Wahlberg says. "We're expecting 40- to 45-minute delays if you're coming east bound on the 676 here. You're going to have some serious problems. Why don't you stop and get yourself a hoagie?"