Mark Zuckerberg a Fan of Jesse Eisenberg's 'Social Network' Performance

Facebook founder felt he did a 'nice job,' for the parts the movie 'got right'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg just might be a Jesse Eisenberg fan.

Eisenberg, whose cousin works at Facebook, received a compliment on his Social Network portrayal from the young billionaire -- indirectly of course.

"My cousin sent me a text message telling me that Mark liked the parts that the movie got right and he thought I did a nice job," Eisenberg said during the Los Angeles Times' Young Hollywood roundtable Friday night at AFI Fest.

Zuckerberg had rented out a theater in Palo Alto, Calif. the day the movie was released and took all the Facebook employees to see the film. After it finished, Eisenberg said that Zuckerberg brought all the employees to a bar and drank appletinis like the characters did, at least according to his cousin.