Mark Zuckerberg Is Andy Samberg's Only Facebook Friend

Andy Samberg

One truly is the loneliest number

Having only one Facebook friend sounds sad — but it's not so bad if that one friend is Mark Zuckerberg.

Andy Samberg revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that Zuckerberg convinced him to join Facebook, and to this day remains his only friend. Samberg once even called Zuckerberg for tech support so that he'd stop getting random friend requests.

" 'I hate to do this to you, head of Facebook, but I think I need some tech support here,' " Samberg recalled saying to Zuckerberg.

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Later, Samberg and Jimmy Fallon played a crazy game of five-second summaries, in which the men had just five seconds to describe the plot of a mystery movie. Yes, Samberg got to whip out his famous Nicolas Cage impression.