Mark Zuckerberg Planning to Form Political Group (Report)

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Facebook's chairman loses $5.6 billion between the company's May 18 IPO at a $38 stock price and its June 4 close at $26.90. Some analysts predict an even further slide.

The Facebook CEO would focus on such issues as immigration, education and funding for science research.

Mark Zuckerberg is considering the creation of a political advocacy organization with colleagues in the technology community, Bloomberg reports.

Citing an anonymous source, Bloomberg's Brian Womack says the group would spotlight issues including immigration, education and funding for scientific research.

In February, the 28-year-old Facebook CEO held his first-ever political fundraiser at his Silicon Valley home to support the re-election of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. (Condoleezza Rice was among the attendees.)

Two months prior, Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan donated nearly $500 million in company stock to a charity supporting health and education causes. The billionaire pledged $100 million toward the New Jersey public school system in 2010.