Marketers unite for trade group

Looking to team on such issues as technology, anti-piracy

Several key entertainment marketing agencies have banded together to form a trade organization to represent their interests in key issues.

The new group -- Association of Entertainment Marketing Agencies -- was formed with the idea that members can maintain individual competition among the agencies but together gain advantage in such areas as technology, anti-piracy and employee health and welfare.

Bob Farina, co-founder of Cimarron Group, will act as chair of AEMA, which so far has 24 agency members specializing in various key marketing elements in the industry.

Smitty of In Sync Advertising will sit as president of AEMA, with Melissa Palazzo of the Ant Farm serving as CFO and Tim Nett of Trailer Park acting as secretary.

"In this constantly shifting landscape that continues to advance the techniques of marketing films, it is essential that we adopt a unified standard of excellence and coordinate efficiencies in critical areas such as artistic innovation and technology," Farina said.

Among AEMA's goals is to educate the entertainment marketing community about laws and regulations applicable to the industry as well as collect and disseminate stats, economic data and other industry information.

Companies in the business of creative design and production of print, audio-visual or interactive materials for paid advertising or promoting movies can join. At least one of the agency's clients has to be a member of the MPAA.