Marlee Matlin Owes $50K in Back Taxes

"It's the reality that a lot of people in America are facing," says the "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant.

Marlee Matlin says she owes $50,000 in back taxes from 2009 and is working with the IRS on a payment schedule.

"I'm paying it back. I'm not shying away from it, and I'm certainly not ashamed of it," Matlin told "It doesn't mean I'm a bad person. It's reality. It's the reality that a lot of people in America are facing."

Matlin, an Oscar winner for Children of a Lesser God and current contestant on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, said she doesn't live an extravagant lifestyle, but the lack of a steady paycheck as a result of her chosen career has affected her ability to budget effectively.

She and her police officer husband have put their house up for sale and plan to take her four kids out of public school and enroll them in a public school.

"I'm not broke," Matlin said. "Like everybody else, I owe money." 

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