Marlon Wayans Screams, Jokes After Ellen DeGeneres Pranks Him: "You Don't Scare Black People"

Marlon Wayans and Ellen DeGeneres Scare - H 2016
Courtesy of The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Before being treated to one of the host's famous scares, the actor talked about how he was disappointed by Christian Grey's "basic moves" in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and alleged that Queen Latifah cheated when she beat Wayans on 'Lip Sync Battle.'

Ellen DeGeneres treated Marlon Wayans to one of her famous scares when he stopped by her talk show to promote his Fifty Shades of Grey parody film, Fifty Shades of Black.

Wayans chatted about how he had expected to learn something when he saw Fifty Shades of Grey in the movie theater, but he was disappointed by Christian Grey's "basic moves." When he and DeGeneres started talking about the red room in his parody film, a man in a wig and what looked like women's lingerie tiptoed out and scared the actor midconversation.

Wayans screamed and jumped out of his chair, saying, "Boy, you don't scare black people." He paced around for a bit and then joked that, first, Queen Latifah tried to embarrass him by leaving her Lip Sync Battle trophy out that she had won by beating Wayans in the competition TV show, and now Ellen had got him too. "Et tu, Ellen?" he said, joking that his children were going to think he couldn't protect them anymore after watching his scared reaction.

Earlier, Wayans explained that he thinks Latifah cheated on Lip Sync Battle. Watch the conversation (and scare) below.