Maroon 5: 5 Music Milestones

Maroon 5 Payphone Still - H 2013

Maroon 5 Payphone Still - H 2013

A pop band's 15 minutes usually runs out fast, but Adam Levine's "The Voice" gig helped his group sell almost as much music in the last two years than its entire career.

This story first appeared in the March 15 issue of The Hollywood Reporter.

In marking the band’s 10th anniversary in 2012 with a fourth platinum-plus album, Maroon 5’s sustained success has defied music industry odds when one considers a majority of pop-rock groups have a shelf life of a few years at best. Maroon 5 not only is maintaining relevance into its second decade but also has sold nearly as much music during the past two years (10.5 million digital tracks, according to Nielsen SoundScan) as during the eight it took to climb to the top of the pop charts (13.4 million tracks before Levine’s The Voice debut in April 2011).

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In addition to its frontman’s rising profile, credit the band’s radio-ready hooks. “The sound keeps evolving, which makes it interesting to the consumer,” says Clear Channel’s Tom Poleman. “But keeping it fresh is not easy. When you can stay in tune with what the public is looking for, that’s a rare thing.”

His Greatest Hits

“Payphone” (4.9 million tracks sold)
On the back of a dramatic Dog Day Afternoon-inspired video, the 2012 hit featuring Wiz Khalifa catapulted to No. 1.

“Stereo Hearts” (3.7 million)
Levine helped the Gym Class Heroes song become a hit.

“Moves Like Jagger ” (5.9 million)
The 2011 smash got a lift from The Voice.

Songs About Jane (4.9 million albums sold)
Maroon 5’s 2002 debut album yielded five singles, two of which (“This Love,” “She Will Be Loved”) charted in the top 5.