'Married to Medicine' Star Reveals Favorite Insults for Her Co-Stars (Exclusive Video)


Outspoken Bravo star Mariah Huq tells THR whether she can ever trust co-star Quad again and explains why viewers will be "extremely shocked" by the show's upcoming season two finale.

Married to Medicine's second season has focused on the dramatic falling out between former besties Mariah Huq and Quad Webb-Lunceford. But can the two stars of the Bravo reality show ever restore the friendship that they once had?

"Absolutely not," Huq definitively tells The Hollywood Reporter. "So much has happened [between us]." Huq explains that her issues with Quad aren't just a result of their infamous fight at STK but due to "something underlying that we just hadn't addressed."

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At this point, Quad has "crossed every line to me," Huq says. That includes diminishing Huq's character and even insulting her ever-spunky mother, Lucy Bolden. "[Quad] just took it to a place where it shouldn't have went."

And what can viewers expect from the season finale later this month? "Viewers are going to be very surprised by the finale," Huq says, pointing out that the audience will be "extremely shocked" by the alliances that form. 

There will be "a lot of drama" in the season's upcoming reunion as well. "The truth really comes out," Huq says, adding that she won't be holding anything back.

In addition, THR presents an exclusive video in which Huq—who recently launched her Cinnamon Girl diet program with husband, Aydin—explains the various catchphrases that she uses on the show. In the video, she reveals which catchphrase is her favorite, as it's her stealthy way of putting people in their place. 

Married to Medicine airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo. 

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