'Married to Medicine's' Jill Connors Arrested for Domestic Violence, Cruelty to Children

Courtesy of BRAVO
Jill Connors in 'Married to Medicine'

She admitted to the police that she attacked her husband in a confrontation witnessed by their children.

Jill Connors, a star of Bravo's reality series Married to Medicine, was arrested and charged with domestic violence battery and cruelty to children after hitting her husband on Aug. 13.

Connors' husband Dr. John Connors allegedly confronted his wife over concerns that she was having an affair, a representative from the Alpharetta, Georgia police department confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. She then allegedly punched and scratched him. When the police arrived, his shirt was ripped. While she admitted to the officers that she hit him, she wouldn't admit to cutting herself but the police dept. spokesman said it seemed like that's what happened and she tried to blame him for doing that. She was booked on Aug. 14 and released from jail on Aug. 15. The cruelty to children charge was due to the fact that the couple's children witnessed the assault.

According to the police report obtained by TMZ, which first reported on the incident, John Connors called 911 as the assault occurred. He told police that his wife began assaulting him when he confronted her about text messages he found on her phone that suggested she was having an affair and that he had threatened to divorce her and take custody of their children.

John Connors told police that when he called 911, his wife began cutting her arm and chest with a kitchen knife, and screamed "He's cutting me!" John Connors sustained a swollen lip and multiple scratches during the fight.

According to TMZ, the police report indicates that Jill Connors immediately admitted to instigating the incident when interviewed by police at the scene, saying: "I hit him. I started it, I know." She did, however, claim that her husband cut her with a knife, though she wasn't able to provide details about how that transpired, saying: "It all happened so fast, and I don`t know how it happened. I do not know where the knife is."

Married to Medicine's third season began airing June 7 on Bravo and is currently on air on Sundays at 9:00 p.m. Jill Connors appeared as a guest star on season two of the show and assumed a starring role in the current season. Jill Connors had a court appearance in the case on Friday morning.

Fulton County court records also reveal ongoing divorce proceedings between the two.

Bravo declined to comment.