VP Debate Moderator Martha Raddatz Backed by ABC and Commission Against Bias Accusation

Martha Raddatz Headshot - P 2012
ABC News

Martha Raddatz Headshot - P 2012

ABC News slams accusations of liberal bias from their foreign correspondent, calling it "absurd."

A week after Jim Lehrer was widely maligned for his performance moderating the first presidential debate, ABC News' correspondent Martha Raddatz is getting heat before the vice presidential debate even begins.

A reporter who has spent years relaying news from war zones and conflict areas around the world, Raddatz's career is not in question; instead, she's under fire thanks to a wedding invite she sent out more than 20 years ago. The Daily Caller, conservative Tucker Carlson's web outlet, reports that in 1991, Raddatz's wedding to Harvard Law student Julius Genachowski was attended by one Barack Obama, her new husband's classmate and fellow member of the Harvard Law Review.

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Raddatz and Genachowski were divorced in 1997; Obama nominated Genachowski to be head of the FCC in 2009.

Almost immediately, ABC leapt to Raddatz's defense, releasing a statement saying that nearly the entire Law Review had attended the wedding, and praising their reporter's journalistic record.

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"Martha Raddatz is known for her tough, fair reporting," the network wrote, "which is why it was no surprise to her colleagues inside and outside ABC News that she was chosen by the Commission on Presidential Debates for this assignment."

Peter Eyre, who serves as an advisor for the Commission on Presidential Debates, told USA Today, "We selected Martha Raddatz because she is a terrific journalist and will be a terrific moderator and we're thrilled to have her. The notion that that somehow affects her ability is not something we have given a moment's thought to."